About joyce

Joyce VanSeters is a military brat who grew up in Holland, South Dakota, California, Delaware, & New Jersey.   She is disciplined to the fullest and gets her drive and spirit from her faith;)  She has been a fitness professional and wellness coach for over 15 years, successfully managing two gym facilities and mentoring many personal trainers along the way.  She also mentors young girls in the realm of entrepreneurship, health, & wellness. She is a certified personal trainer & massage therapist.  She recently started her own line of handmade organic soaps to combat her own body burdens.

I am a long time fitness professional who prides herself in helping others.

If you have:

  1. Lost all motivation

  2. Hate group settings

  3. Don’t like trainers in your face

  4. Can’t find the time to get it in


I started HER (Habitat Endurance/Resistance Training) because I wanted to expand my services worldwide.  I myself, get bored going to the gym everyday. Habitat Training keeps me motivated.

I am here to help you live a lifestyle of better choices and take control of your good health inside and out. Also, every now and again, I have really cool ideas!

Let me know how I can serve you.